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The Many Hot Springs in Yunotani-Onsenkyo

The many hot springs exist along with Route 352.
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Yunotani-Onsenkyo is a gateway to Oze National Park

We call the route going to Oze National Park through Yunotani-Onsenkyo as "Oze Route".
The landscapes on the way to Oze National Park from Uonuma city are very beautiful and rich in variety. One of the nice views on the way to Oze National Park is the view from Shiori-toge or Shiori moutain pass.If you go to Oze by boat, the view from the boat is very impressive.

The Great Hyakuhatto Fire Ceremony held along with mountain ridge line.


Introducing hot springs along with reute 352.

Let's start from center of Uonuma city.
Yoshida area

Oritate-Onsen area
Oyu-Onsen area
Tochiomata-Onsen area
Komanoyu-Onsen area
Ginzandaira-Onsen area
Okutadami area
Takanosu area

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